A real estate agent wanting to record the condition of a property before a tenant moves in

The job of a real estate agent is not limited to simply finding a buyer for a property on sale or a tenant for a place available to lease or to rent. A real estate agent’s job is much more complex and entails several other responsibilities that remain hidden from the sight of the common people. Real estate agents represent both – property owners and buyers (or tenants) and either party consider the agents as their representative.

It not only increases the workload of the agents but also increases their responsibilities. The responsibility bestowed upon them entails several factors that require their personal attention. There could also be numerous issues and challenges that an agent has to face while trying to make a match between the owner and client. On several occasions, the agents have to play the role of a referee to resolve the issue and any real estate agent would know how critical it is for them to amicably resolve the issues if they want to retain their clients.

If you are in this profession, then there is no need to explain the challenges and problems that an agent has to deal with. And, one of the main problems faced by a real estate agent is the dispute between a tenant and the property owner. Owners often accuse tenants of damaging their property, and the tenants claim they’ve been careful and the property was already damaged even before they moved in.

The real estate agents are forced to mediate in such matters and one of the ways they ensure that such disputes do not arise is to inspect and record the condition of the property before a tenant moves in and during the lease. However, it still leaves some room for dispute, how far can a written assessment satisfy both parties and realistically a written report will always miss something.

In such cases, agents usually find themselves stuck between the two disputing parties and it becomes their responsibility to find a solution without displeasing the either parties. Unfortunately at times this results in the loss of management from a landlord and a bad review from a tenant, despite the fact that possibly neither is deserved.

But, a little help from us will allow you to completely avoid such disputes. All it takes is using our service which will work wonders for you. With our service, real estate agents can record the condition of a property in a 360° virtual reality view. It captures all the nooks and corners and no part is left unrecorded and helps tremendously in avoiding conflicts between the owners and tenants. This picture will really tell a million words and possibly prevent a lot of words from being said when the reality is presented to both parties.

This service empowers real estate agents to capture accurate comprehensive 360° images of the properties before they are given on lease. Hence, if there is a dispute later, there will be a proof to show to the either party. The records can be kept permanently. By also using the service to take periodical inspection images will keep the landlord abreast of the condition of their property and ensure they know you are on top of managing it.

All you need to do is to use our service and be rest assured that you won’t be caught in the middle of such disputes in future.

Remember, the biggest expense is around $500 to buy the camera equipment, once you own it you can upload as many images for as many properties as you want and it takes around 15 minutes to create.