A real estate agent that will use the service to sell houses

Selling a property can be a laborious task that can really suck the energy out of a real estate agent striving hard to get the perfect deal for their clients. Apart from a number of activities involved in finding the ideal client and showing a property to numerous potentials can eat up a considerable amount of an agent’s time and money.

And, even after that there is no assurance that a deal will get done. Also, it is quite possible there could be multiple agents working on the same property trying to find the most suited client. If you are into this profession, you would know it better than anyone else.

All these factors make being a real estate agent a highly challenging profession that has its fair share of failures and despairs. But, what if you could save that precious time spent in the unfruitful activity of taking the potential clients to the location of the property and displaying it to them, before they were at least warmed up toward the property on offer? Don’t you think it would be worthwhile to first funnel the clients that are really interested in checking out a property that is up for sale or lease and then only them taking for the actual visits when they have some interest?

Well, if you think this helps, check out our service that allows you to create and share a 360° perspective of the property you are mediating to sell or lease.

Our service allows real estate agents to display 360° virtual reality photography perspectives of the property they are mediating for sale or lease. It gives the potential buyers and tenants a detailed feel of how the property looks from the inside and outside, its features, shape and design of the rooms and get a closer look at all the aspects of the property, plus they find the special attributes that interest them, creating their own buying momentum.

Since, a 360° virtual reality view will give sufficient information to the buyers and tenants, they can decide whether they would want to visit the place, or look for other options. It will save time of the real estate agents who would be able to funnel their clients instead of showing the actual property to each one of those who would contact them.

The service also provides key analytical insights from the virtual reality view. Details such as how many users viewed the 360° property photography perspective, the number of repeat users and their profile details help you determine who the persons are that are seriously looking at what you are offering and the number of time they visited the page or indeed each individual image. You will also get to know the time they spent taking the virtual reality view broken down to each image.

Now, these are some pretty key insights. If the clients get to see the property in detail on their computers, tablets or phones, only those who like it will contact you. Even you would know who the serious buyers are and take them to the real location.

Remember, the biggest expense is around $500 to buy the camera equipment, once you own it you can upload as many images for as many properties as you want and it takes around 15 minutes to create.

To get to know more, sign up for our free service right now and save your time for more important activities, which maybe some quality time for yourself.