A landlord that will use the service to rent holiday let or AirBnB properties

We have all experienced a holiday that brings back such fond memories of joy. However we have all probably had a holiday from hell, we arrive at a hotel and the room is just not quite what we were expecting. The beauty of holiday let properties is normally you’re renting a home not just a house or apartment, in a location that is adjacent to all the things we want to see and experience, but the home we stay in is part of that experience too, it’s not just a place to sleep.

Giving potential guests a taste of the joy their experience will afford them can be difficult with just using flat 2D photography, traditionally these guests are going to find you via the internet, so you have that one chance to make a first impression, over and above the other properties that are competing for the same business. You want to convert your viewers to registered guests, and we believe this is the missing link to help you do this.

Well, a service that makes all of it possible is up for grabs! With our service, you can do all this and much more.

Our service also helps landlords identify the guests who are actually interested in renting the property instead of mere window-shopping. The 360° virtual reality perspective of the property gives a feel to the potential guests that they just don’t get looking at normal pictures, you want potential guests to take the virtual reality journey and be so engaged they want the reality.

The service also makes available, some very insightful and highly useful analytical information. It monitors the number of visitors, time they spend watching the 360° virtual reality view and the number of times they revisit. All these figures give you excellent direct marketing information that could assist in lifting the occupancy rate of the property, perhaps offering specials to those that didn’t book yet were rather engaged with your offering.

You can try this service right now without any charges! Yes, it’s available as a free option without any specific evaluation period. Just give it a try and see the difference.

Remember, the biggest expense is around $500 to buy the camera equipment, once you own it you can upload as many images for as many properties as you want and it takes around 15 minutes to create.